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Welcome To My World: Spring Has Sprung

Linda L. Martin, Director


We have officially survived another season of winter weather, colds, flus and now COVID.  We have also enjoyed another fun and successful GALA fundraiser.  Many thanks to all who attended and supported that event (as well as all of our essential fundraisers).  We were thrilled to have some of our “alumni” families and tutors attend and I would love to bring you bring you a bit of an update on a couple of them.  Avery, a young lady who attended the Center a few years ago was at the GALA and she was very happy to let me know that she is carrying a 91 average in Jr. High (that information was unsolicited by me) while her father proudly told me that Avery is the State Archery Champion in her age group.  What fun.

Another family at the GALA shared wonderful news.  You may remember Glenn who came to us as a total non-reader and spent four years in the program.  His parents were at the GALA and, as always, expressed overwhelming gratitude for the time Glenn was able to spend at the Center.  He, too, is in Jr. High and his parents were thrilled to report that his is a happy young man in school and is on the Honor Roll.  Great job, on everyone’s part, making school a more successful and enjoyable experience for these young children and their families.

We look forward to the Recognition Ceremony in June and hope to see you at our summer fund raisers.  Stay tuned for more information on the Golf Tourney and Chicken BBQ.

As Always, We Are Thankful for You!


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