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Welcome To My World: October 2020

Linda L. Martin, Director

As I write this, we are at the end of Day One back at the Center tutoring children. We are thrilled to say that all has gone smoothly thus far. The children were given a run-through on the hand washing- changing into clear masks routine that is done after they have entered the Center with a completed Covid 19 form to which we add their current temperature. Then we follow the one-way path to the tutoring rooms where the child and tutor (wearing their fitted clear masks) work on either side of a 5 ft table with a 3-foot-high clear shield in between them.

Everyone working in the tutoring rooms, tutors and children, have their own bin of materials to be accessed by that person alone.

Entrance and exit to and from the Center is staggered so only one child is processed through the entry way at any given time. The entrance is controlled by Gineal, our Administrative Assistant, via text. Each family or tutor texts their arrival and if a child’s tutor is already in the Center, the child can be admitted. Again, this is done one at a time. When a child had completed their session and changed out masks, Gineal will text the family that they may enter to retrieve the child. The clear masks are held in zip lock bags and cleaned in between sessions.

In between each entry and exit the entry is disinfected by Gineal or myself, while the tutors disinfect their rooms after each child leaves. We also have disinfectant materials around the copier so everything can be cleaned after each use. If new or different forms are needed, tutors will ask Gineal. Thanks to our Board members we feel as prepared as can be and the families have been extremely supportive of our efforts.

This being said, we are preparing for the unforeseen. Should we have to go back to virtual tutoring (definitely no one’s choice at this time) we are surveying families and tutors as to their willingness and/or ability to be on-line. We know not all will be able or willing to go that route, but we want to be as ready as possible should it become our only option.

As always, we appreciate your support, whether through our virtual fund raisers or just keeping us in your prayers. We could not do this without you and our families have expressed their thankfulness for this opportunity for their children. It is my hope that I can give your more positive news next month.

Happy Fall!

Linda L. Martin, Director
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For the safety of our staff and students in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, all persons entering the center must wear a mask upon entry and adhere to social distancing guidelines.