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Welcome To My World: Another Year Done

Linda L. Martin, Director

As I write this, we are one month from our Recognition Ceremony.  Year 18 is soon to be in the books.  We had 17 children attending this year and 2 Practitioner 1 Scholars and 1 Practitioner 2 Scholar.  We will be honoring the Scholars and eight children who have completed their time at the Center and will be moving to independent learning.  We will also recognize the nine children who plan to return in the fall for their second year with us. 

We are happy to report that we have four new Practitioner 1 Scholars who will receive their training for Certification in the upcoming year.  It looks to be another busy year with close to 20 children attending the Center.  Some of our certified tutors will continue training as Trainers, Supervisors and Therapists so the learning continues at all levels.

The last three years have seen us continue to face, meet, and overcome many challenges that we could never have envisioned.  The fact that you are steadfast in your support has allowed us to keep moving forward in the best ways possible.  We pray that the upcoming year will allow us to return to a more normal setting and that we can continue to bring you positive reports about what is going on at the Center.

A brief update on Lucas as he continues to make consistent progress and show involvement in each lesson.  He will continue with us next fall and we are confident that he will benefit more and more from his time here.  We have just placed his younger sister on our wait list and will look forward to seeing here sometime in the next two years.  I continue to report, and it remains the same, that we have a two year wait list for children who need/want our services.

As you read this, we will be preparing for our summer hiatus.  We have found the desire and feasibility of a summer program are not there.  Though it would be optimum for the children the lack of interest and consistent attendance for the last few summers that we had the extended program did not make them cost or time effective.  Perhaps this will change back to a flourishing program in the future, but it is not to be at this time.  The Center will be closed for services from June 145th to September 19th.  Gineal and I will be in and our throughout the summer to deal with phone and mail during that time and you can always email.

We look forward to seeing many of you on August 5th for our Annual Golf Tourney and Fundraiser at Vesper Hills Golf Course in Tully.  It is always a fun time no matter what the weather. 

Again- We Thank You for Your Continued Interest and Support of The Children’s Dyslexia Center Central New York-Without you- We would not Be!


Linda L. Martin, Director
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For the safety of our staff and students in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, all persons entering the center must wear a mask upon entry and adhere to social distancing guidelines.